With the uncertainty of arena openings and public gathering restrictions still in place, in some markets, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all Champions Indoor Football teams were given the option to not participate in the 2021 season, with no penalty from the league. Teams exercising this option will be eligible to return and participate in the 2022 CIF season. Amarillo and West Texas exercised this option, and accordingly, the CIF has revamped the 2021 schedule, with the remaining teams. The CIF will play with six-member teams, Oklahoma, Omaha, Salina, Sioux City, Wichita, and Wyoming. The revised schedule is as follows –
Week 1:
March 27 – Iowa Crusaders at Sioux City
March 27 – Texas at Wyoming
March 27 - Arlington at Salina
Week 2:
April 3 - Oklahoma at Wyoming
April 3 – Wichita at Salina
April 3 – Iowa Crusaders at Omaha
Week 3:
April 10 – Wichita at Sioux City
April 10 – Omaha at Salina
Week 4:
April 17 – Sioux City at Omaha
April 17 – Salina at Wyoming
Week 5:
April 24 – Sioux City at Salina
April 24 – Wyoming at Oklahoma
Week 6:
May 1 -Oklahoma at Wichita
May 2 – Omaha at Sioux City
Week 7:
May 8 – Salina at Oklahoma
May 8 – Sioux City at Wichita
May 8 – Omaha at Wyoming
Week 8:
May 15 – Wichita at Omaha
May 15 – Salina at Sioux City
Week 9:
May 22 – Wichita at Oklahoma
May 22 – Wyoming at Omaha
Week 10:
May 29 – Sioux City at Wyoming
May 29 – Oklahoma at Salina
Week 11:
June 6 – Omaha at Oklahoma
June 6 – Wichita at Wyoming
Week 12:
June 12 – Wyoming at Sioux City
June 12– Oklahoma at Wichita
June 12– Salina at Omaha
Week 13:
June 19 – Sioux City at Salina
June 19 – Wyoming at Wichita
June 19 -Oklahoma at Omaha
Week 14:
June 26 – Salina at Wichita
June 26 – Omaha at Sioux City
June 26 – Wyoming at Oklahoma
For more information about the 2021 season or the member, teams visit the Champions Indoor Football league website at

Billings Outlaws Indoor Football

Owned by regional businessmen, Pick Six Entertainment, LLC. is launching a new professional football team to play indoors right here in Billings, Montana. this was announced at a press conference on Friday, April 30th at the DoubleTree hotel in downtown Billings.  In addition to announcing the team and introducing its ownership, Pick Six began a "Name the Team" contest in partnership with the Billings Gazette and EconoPrint in which the team is encouraging members of the billings and surrounding communities to suggests names for their new team. Further details are located below.

MetraPark, First Interstate Arena

Billing Professional Football is proud to have secured a long-term agreement with the community of Billings and its beautiful First Interstate Arena. The facility will host the team's new turf and playing system along with nearly 9,000 seats for indoor football. The inaugural season is set to kick-off in early March of 2022 and be comprised of a 12 game season (6 here in Billings and 6 games across America) in addition to a playoff schedule.

Champions Indoor Football

Amongst the most stable leagues in eth history of the sport, Champions Indoor Football will be the new Billings team's affiliated league. With 9 teams and growing, the Billings team will face opponents such as the Omaha Beef, Sioux City Bandits, the Wyoming Mustangs, and new teams being launched in 2022 around the region.